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Every customer of ours is different, their desires, lifestyles, budgets and priorities. A one solution fits all approach is not our idea of good Kitchen Design. It was for this reason that we chose 3 manufacturers for our kitchens, allowing us to tailor our designs as closely as possible to our customers.

When the ultimate in style & simplicity is combined with German workmanship, the result is always something special. Our Premium range appeals to customers who recognise the extremely solid build quality, the special touches that set the wow factor in every kitchen design and the ability to create a high function modern kitchen with a very clean aesthetic.

However, Premium can work just as well for those looking for a more traditional style, whether a twist on the popular shaker door to the country inspired range of classical arched doors. It’s the best of all worlds, timeless style combined with workmanship that ensures your design will be enjoyed by
generations to come.

When you want to create your dream kitchen on a tighter budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, features or style, then an Omega kitchen is your best option. With many of the features of some of the more expensive manufacturers such as soft close doors and internal fittings that make your kitchen work for the life you lead, it offers great value.

Delivery on an Omega kitchen can be incredibly quick as most units are stock items at Omega
headquarters, so we can respond to your needs at real speed and with up to 50% off the cost of a solid construction kitchen offer you great savings.

That’s not to say that you are restricted, they have a great range full of some amazingly different and stylish options!