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We can offer the kitchen planning service that suits your own lifestyle best. You may wish to allow us to deal with everything from design through to the final check, or you may just want to bring us a plan and you arrange the fitting. Kitchens 4 Today concentrates on offering our customers a kitchen design service that reflects the needs of our customers whatever they may be.

Our showroom has 7 displays, from our top of the range rigid German Kitchens through to our self-assembly offering. We also hold a wide range of worktop samples, our award winning appliance range and of course our highly experienced designers. We want you to have a kitchen that really inspires you and we encourage you to tell us about your lifestyle so your new kitchen reflects it appropriately.

The design stage is really one of discovery. It is about ensuring that the kitchen we plan lets you cook the way you want, store the way you want and live the way you want. We´ll look at colours, textures and how the whole project works.

We´ll help you to decide if you need any structural changes, work out your plumbing and electrical needs if your new appliances need them. It´s about looking at all your kitchen needs and making sure the new solution works in your favour.

This is the stage when we refine your ideas and practical considerations to get your kitchen the way you have dreamt of. It may be that you wish to upgrade to Blum Soft door openings, take advantage of some clever storage options or perhaps look at the costs involved. It´s very much a two way interaction where we aim to ensure our design reflects your lifestyle.

Your kitchen furniture, worktops, appliances and accessories will be delivered to your home or site. You can choose to install the kitchen yourself or you can utilise our installation service.